Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rockin Out at Heinz Hall with Music from Green Day

by Nick Kratsas

After a lovely dinner at Six Penn Kitchen, the time was approaching for an anticipated Broadway Musical starting just across the street at Heinz Hall. Green Day fans rejoice- American Idiot, the musical based on the album of the same high-energy, angst filled story that incorporates Green Day music, dancing, and a very cool set that features dark backgrounds and metal, multiple television screens, moveable scaffolds and staircases, and even a few high-wire flying scenes.

The story revolves around friends Will, Johnny, Tunny, and their slacker 20-something lifestyles. The trio decides to escape their boring suburban lives by buying bus tickets to head to the big city, but the realities of life sidetrack them in very serious and powerful ways; Will never makes the bus because he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant, and instead stays home and spirals into drug and alcohol use, Tunny quickly becomes disenchanted with the big city and opts to join the Army, and Johnny, who is also the narrator and main charactr, can't handle the temptations of the city and spirals quickly into multiple temptations. The three eventually find their way back home, but each are changed profoundly.

If you love Green Day's music, you'll appreciate the soulful, energetic renditions by both the actors and the on-stage band - even an actor portraying Billy Joe Armstrong is on stage at all times to oversee the music and story. It's a great story with excellent acting and singing, and make sure you stick around to the en, for the final song performed by the entire cast.

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