Thursday, April 4, 2013

SMD Jewelry Shares Their Night Market Experiences

Pittsburgh’s Project Pop-Up Night Market III was my second experience with the Pop-Up Market, and despite the snowstorm it brought out quite the crowd.  I’m the owner of SMD Jewelry, I create hand-forged metal jewelry featuring gems and a wide range of other materials. I travel around to events all year long, and I’m always pleasantly surprised at how many people I meet, and how many new products find. Each market I vend with provides a different experience, and I think PDP has one of the most well rounded markets in Pittsburgh. At this last event with PDP I’m pretty sure I had the best cookie of my life from Bluebird Kitchen, creamy chai tea flavored filling between two chewy ginger cookies. Unforgettable. Everyone raved about the music that night--cover songs done by a string quartet—it was the perfect fit for a cold snowy evening in downtown Pittsburgh. On both occasions vending with Project Pop-Up I was fortunate to meet so many inspiring people, vendors and patrons alike.

I’m convinced markets that utilize otherwise vacant lots and buildings aren’t just putting on a fun event, with every market they are revitalizing those areas by helping to build a healthier local economy through encouraging consumers to purchase local and handcrafted. At the same time these events are bringing people from all walks of life together to enjoy live music, food, performances and an array of local artisanal goods.  I’m proud to be part of Downtown Pittsburgh’s Project Pop-Up movement because I know how much events like these enrich the community. Needless to say I’m looking forward to vending at the next Project Pop-Up Night Market, and hope to see you there!"

Night Market IV is scheduled for Friday, April 26. If you'd like to participate, Vendor Applications are being accepted until 3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 5. Visit the PDP Website to download your application today!

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