Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Learn about Night Market V from one of our vendors!

By Jennifer Robinson - Owner of The Hemp Butterfly

Pittsburgh’s Downtown Partnership Night Market gives artists in this city a great opportunity to get their name out there and meet new people. My name is Jennifer and I own The Hemp Butterfly, I specialize in fashionable, eco-conscious, organic, vintage, often one of a kind jewelry & accessories. All are handmade & hand knotted in Hemp by my own little fingers. Expect boho-chic mixed with creepy cool.  I will be a new vendor at the next Night Market being held on July 12. As a newcomer both to the Night Market as well as to the city of Pittsburgh I am most looking forward to the people. The smiling faces as they walk by, getting to meet other fellow artists, the great music and just the vibe in general.

Events like these are important to the development and enrichment of any town or city. It gives artists like me the opportunity to showcase our work and reach out to the public. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing their faces as they discover new artists, new crafts, and exciting music in a downtown environment like no other. The fact that they are held in vacant buildings and parking lots is just and added bonus. As an art collector I’m looking forward to what treasures I will find. What new artist will catch my eye. What new friends I will make and what new music I will discover.

Thank you PDP it is a privilege to be part of this vibrant event. I hope I get to participate and visit both as as a vendor and as a spectator in many more to come. In a city where art is art is becoming alive I could not be any happier. 

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