Friday, May 17, 2013

Pittsburgh City Council District 6 Candidate Questionnaires

We asked all District 6 Candidates to complete the following questionnaire. To date, we've heard from Tonya Payne, but hope to bring the other candidates responses when we receive them.

Tonya D. Payne

Background information: 
Safety Manager, Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority, BA Criminal Justice & Psychology

Why would you like to represent Council District 6?
Because District 6 needs a leader who shows up and stands up for the issues that residents of District 6 cares about.  Also, a true leader is someone with integrity who is open and honest and is not lead to do things that are illegal and unethical because everyone does it. I would like to work on reforming the Police Bureau with new policies & procedures.  I would also like to continue the work of eradiation of gun violence & homeless in the City of Pittsburgh

Downtown has seen a lot of investment and improvement over the past few years, yet challenges still remain. What do you view as the biggest challenge facing Downtown today and, if elected, how would you work towards addressing this challenge? 
Safety is a huge issue, I would first work with the Downtown Partnership to design a beat cops program or security patrols to walk the streets.  Also, I would work with Pittsburgh Public Schools and all other schools who use Downtown as a though fare for kids traveling to and from school to ensure that students are safely moving from one destination to the next without incidence

What plans do you have to make the growing Downtown residential population feel less like a commercial district and more like a cohesive neighborhood? 
Continue housing development, but ensuring a healthy balance between commercial & residential. The objective is to grow Downtown, however, one can’t survive without the other. Business needs people and people need business

Although crime has been steadily decreasing in Downtown over the past three years, several high-profile incidents have recent occurred Downtown.  What will you do to improve the perception of safety issues in Downtown? 
Downtown Partnership does an excellent job with promotion & marketing of Downtown.  I would assistance and support their efforts

There are an increasing number of both restaurants and residents; what strategies do you propose to keep both happy? 
Again, one can’t survive without the other. However, there has to be a healthy balance for either to survive. Working with community organizations, residents, and businesses will ensure that healthy balance
With 54% of the daily Downtown pedestrians (workers, students, visitors) utilizing public transportation, a strong and sustainable public transit system is essential to the vibrancy and growth of Downtown.  How will you work with county officials and the Port Authority to ensure adequate funding is available to address current needs, but also to plan for future necessary transportation infrastructure & improvements? Transportation is the key for residents of the District and the City.  It means their way to school, church, medical appointments, shopping, and family.  I will immediately begin to work with the State Legislature to develop a dedicated source of funding for transportation

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